Square Boxing


Take on opponents like crazy in the ring in Square Boxing, a vibrant but straightforward boxing game! Bring a friend along, and enter the ring for your fight.

You can concentrate on fighting your opponent while you play square boxing. It is similar to boxing pixels. Take your fight inside the ring with a friend, or test your skills against the AI on the computer. In order to become a champion, refrain from lunging forward in an attempt to block punches or blows that are missed. Better gauge the strength of your opponent and move cautiously. Play, eliminate your rival, and win!

How To Play

The only moves your character can make are moving about the ring, throwing punches, and deflecting blows from your opponent. Depending on what the occasion calls for, you have a few different punching alternatives.


  • Player 1: Use WASD to move, Use H to dodge, use F/G to punch
  • Player 2: Use arrow keys to move, Use L to dodge, use J/K to punch