Among Us


Among Us is an online party game for multiple players that was made and released by the American company InnerSloth. Even though it came out in 2018, it took off in 2020. 

The gameplay of Among Us Online 

Collaborating with fellow players to accomplish chores on a spaceship or space station is the primary goal of the game. Coworkers have to finish tasks, avoid death, and use voting and discussion to determine who is the impostor.  Impostors can move about the map, disrupt missions, and destroy teammates. Their goal is to spread mayhem and kill fellow crew members while remaining undetected. When someone finds a dead body or calls an emergency meeting, all the players debate and cast their votes to determine who they think is the impostor. 

How To Play

Launch the game, then make a lobby or enter one. You can participate in open games or play with friends.

Crewmates and Impostors are the two roles that are assigned to players. The game parameters control the quantity of Impostors.

  • Crewmates: Finish the chores dotted over the map to make sure the ship is operating properly. Collaborate with fellow crew members to recognize and eliminate any imposters at gatherings.
  • Impostors: Pass for crew members while feigning to finish chores. Destroy assignments and stir up trouble without being detected. Kill crew members in plain sight.