Doodle Man


Doodle Man is a delightful, interactive adventure game from our Doodle games collection. 

You'll be tested as you jump and cling to safety to go from one platform to another in this captivating game. This adorable little doodle aspires to leap as far as he can. Assist him in landing safely on the platforms and teach him how to balance so he may get good points.

How To Play

To remain in the air as long as possible is the goal. Hitting greater altitudes and improving your score with each successful leap is how you advance.

Tips and tricks

Remember that with Doodle Man, timing is crucial. Patience is essential since making hasty decisions can set you back. To help you predict the next jump, look for patterns in the positioning of the platforms. Early failures shouldn't deter you; with practice and knowledge gained from errors, precision will improve.


To move, press the left and right arrow keys.

The charming simplicity of its hand-drawn artwork and the game's addicting mechanics make it an ideal pick-up-and-play experience that appeals to both casual players and those who enjoy a skillful challenge.