Geometry Dash Meltdown


An exciting rhythm-based platformer, Geometry Dash Meltdown is a remarkable spinoff of the well-liked Geometry Dash franchise. Set off on a demanding adventure across numerous stages that await you and will present countless challenges. Are you up for a challenge that seems almost impossible? Test your abilities by leaping over the barriers and pitfalls.

Geometry Dash Meltdown full levels

There are three main levels in Geometry Dash Meltdown

  • Seven Seas
  • Viking Arena
  • Aerial Robots

Every one of these levels will present a different set of circumstances along with a different set of difficulties. Avoiding them all at all costs is necessary, as is gathering objects like keys along the way. Additionally, you can light the path ahead in the Viking Arena game if you want to see more clearly. 


How To Play

Select a level from the list of choices; each has its own set of obstacles and soundtrack. Learn how to utilize the controls; usually, the spacebar or mouse clicks are used to move a square-shaped character. The goal is to time your moves to the beat of the music to escape dangers and leap over barriers. 

To unlock more features, complete missions and gather stars throughout the game. Errors are inevitable in a game that demands timing and accuracy. While listening to the synced music, try to finish each level without running into any obstacles.