Suika Game


Suika Game is a fun and simple game in which you place different fruits in a box one by one. The most thrilling aspect is seeing the fruits roll and bounce around in the box.

Let's play the most popular puzzle game - Suika Game.

You drop and connect fruits in Suika Game to make them bigger. You need to think about how to stack the fruits because if they fall out of the box, the Suika Game is over. One fruit at a time needs to be dropped and stacked into a box. This is where physics comes in. When the fruits are dropped or mixed with other fruits, they roll and move. At the point of touch, two identical fruits join together to make a bigger fruit. This starts a chain reaction of fruits merging. The watermelon, which is the biggest fruit, also takes up the most space in the jar and scores the most points.

Tips and tricks

There are a few strategies in the Suika game that will help you raise your score. Before playing, you should be aware of the following facts:

  • Fruits should be combined quickly to make larger ones and prevent running out of room.
  • Strategically arrange fruits. For example, pair together two melons to create a pineapple.
  • Try to combine more than one fruit at a time to create combos, which will increase your score.
  • There is no one right way, so embrace trying different things. Find out what makes you happy while you play.

IGN Japan and Automaton Media describe Suika Game as a 2048 and physics hybrid. Or Julia Lee from Polygon mockingly likened it to a cross between Tetris and 2048 but with gorgeous fruit.