Trap The Cat


In the puzzle game Trap The Cat, your goal is to draw circles around a cat to trap it. Avert the cat's escape by clicking the dots!

The small cat's sole goal on the multi-tile platform you find yourself on is to get away from there as quickly as possible. By simply clicking on the tiles, you can prevent it from continuing. The cat will, however, advance one tile with each click you make, so you must use a cunning strategy to keep it from escaping. Although it seems easy, it's very difficult. Do you believe that the adorable cat is wiser than you?

How To Play

Press the arrows to create a wall. It can be difficult to capture the cat. The cat will always find a way to slide by you if you build too close, thus it's best to start farther away! 

Tips and tricks

  • Moving ahead of the black cat is what will ensure victory. The cat is unable to continue forward motion as a result. Use as many of the available black tiles as possible to achieve this aim. 
  • You must respond to the black cat's movements in all directions if you are unable to go ahead of it. Clicking on the boxes right in front of the cat is not recommended. To make sure you can catch the cat no matter which way it travels, click on the boxes one or two rows away from the animal.

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