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Doodle Cricket is an addictive casual game in which players become professional cricket player who also happens to be cricket! What is your best score?

Become a Master Cricket Player with Google Doodle Cricket!

Take on the role of cricket in a… cricket match with Doodle Cricket! In this game, players become proficient batsmen in an exciting cricket match and try to score as many runs as possible! Don’t know the rules of cricket game? No problem, because all you need to do is hit the ball with a button! Even more, if the game has piqued your interest, you can find out more about the popular Cricket sports game below!

Doodle Cricket was released in 2017 in celebration of the ICC Champions Trophy cricket tournament. Just like other Doodle Games, it is simple, intuitive, and addictive, so it is quite hard to stop playing once you are already hooked! Along with its charming character design and vibrant color palette, the whole gameplay is much more engaging! Doodle Cricket - Cricket Game also shows how an important event can be celebrated while making it simple and accessible to everyone, regardless of age and interest!

Cricket Game, Explained

A game of cricket consists of four important components: Two teams of 11 players each, a ball, cricket bats, and two wickets. A wicket consists of three stumps driven into the ground and two bails placed on top of them. In a cricket game, each team takes turns batting and playing the field. The one batting is called a batsman, and the one throwing the ball is called a bowler. Two batsmen stand ready in front of the wicket at the same time. The goal of the batsmen is to stop the bowler from knocking off the bails on the wicket by hitting the ball.

To score points, after the ball is hit, two batsmen run to the opposite wickets and score a run each time they change places. Single scoring happens in that case, which can also be double and triple singles, depending on how fast the bowlers catch the ball. Boundary scoring is cricket’s equivalent of a home run in baseball, which awards the team six points. At the end of the match, the team with the highest score wins the game.

However, the batsmen can be dismissed if one of these situations happens:

  • The bails fall off from the ball’s impact.
  • The ball is caught by the bowler before it even hits the ground.
  • The ball hits any body part of the batsman (when it would have hit the wicket).
  • The ball hits the wicket while the batsmen are running.
  • The wicketkeeper knocks off bails when the batsman has stepped out of his ground.

After a batsman is dismissed, another one steps in to take his place. To end the inning, 10 players must be dismissed.

How To Play

In the Google Doodle Cricket game, the batsmen are two crickets, and the bowlers are a team of snails with unexpectedly fast speeds. To begin the game, click on the “batting” button so our lovely cricket can swing at full strength. After the first swing, the snail on the opponent’s side will start throwing a ball. To hit the ball, simply click the button again at the right time.

Once the ball is hit, the snails will run to catch it while the crickets run to their opposite wickets and score runs. If you are lucky, you can even score four to six points if the ball touches the boundary or flies into the audience's seat, respectively. As the score counter increases, the snails will throw the ball with much more force, requiring players to be quicker when hitting the ball.

The game ends when your cricket misses the ball and has his wicket knocked over. Afterward, you can check the final score and compare it to the highest score.

Doodle Cricket Features

  • Intuitive and addictive gameplay!
  • Extremely simple controls! All you need is one button!
  • Colorful doodle-like graphics and a lovable cast of characters!
  • Doodle Cricket high scores are registered, so you can always come back and try to beat them!
  • Do you have what it takes to have the maximum score of 999?

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep your eyes peeled for the ball: Essentially, to ensure that your wickets are not knocked over by the snails, players should never miss a ball. So even if the hit awards you only one to two points, it still counts!
  • Test out different hitting ranges to see which one works the best: Since the position of the ball at the time it is hit greatly influences its speed and power, it is best to test out when you feel it is the best time to swing the bat. While it is totally fine to have short shots and earn fewer scores, it is always quite satisfying to see the snails running around to catch the ball!
  • Strive for boundary scores: To score a boundary, the ball needs to touch either the edge of the playing field or fly straight into the audience’s seat, the latter of which awards significantly more points. If you haven’t been getting these shots for a while, try to swing the bat a little sooner or later. As always, never forget to hit the ball unless you want to end the game early!
  • Practice makes perfect: The more you play Doodle Cricket, the better you will become at predicting when the best time is to swing your bat. In addition, the throwing speed increases gradually, so there is always some element of challenge as you progress!

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Happy gaming!