Super Baseball


Prepare to swing the bat in Super Baseball to prove to your opponents that you are the best player on the field. Can you triumph over every opponent and take the title of champion?

In this game, your goal is to outscore your opponents to win every match. To play this game, you don't have to be a professional baseball player. This game's easy controls make it suitable for all skill levels. Simply strike the ball and try to hit a home run! It will get harder and harder to predict the direction of the ball as you advance. 

How To Play

  • You can pick a competitor from the list or go with the random match option when you first start.
  • Hold hold your bat, as you will attempt to return the balls that are thrown your way.
  • Keep an eye on the indicator at the bottom of the screen to hit the ball.

Tips for Super Baseball

As time goes on, pay attention to the various pitches the pitcher makes. Gaining advanced levels can be facilitated by being aware of their trajectory and pace. For maximum scores, aim to continuously hit the sweet spot.

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