Doodle Jumping: Christmas


Doodle Jump is back with an incredibly lovely special Christmas version known as Doodle Jumping: Christmas

Get into the Christmas spirit with this stunning unique holiday game Doodle Jumping: Christmas. The Doodler is dressed like Santa Claus, replete with a hat, and fires snowballs in this motif. It's snowing all the time. The Christmas edition includes completely new graphics, new paths and challenges, new monsters, a spectacular rocket power-up, and much, much more. Springs, for example, are frequently found encased in ice and need two jumps to use. You can even find them in gifts that have them hidden within. There are monsters associated with the Christmas and winter themes, such as a Snowman.

How to Play

Guide your character to jump to higher ground while avoiding deadly hazards. Collect essential items to unlock new characters, and have fun! 


Use arrow keys to move.