Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump is an exciting never-ending journey where you control Doodler, a funny four-legged doodle, as it jumps from one platform to another. 

Doodle Jump gameplay

You must avoid many obstacles along the way, such as monsters or UFOs when play the Doodle Jump game. You can shoot or jump in different directions to avoid these annoying obstacles. There are various ways to successfully avoid them, and it depends on you! At the end of each session, the game will let you know through signs, such as the Doodler suddenly falling down or being sucked into a black hole. 

How To Play

So how to play Doodle Jump? Use the right and left arrows to move and use the up arrow or click the mouse to shoot. Easy and simple, right? Get yourself ready and take Doodler to victory! 

FAQs about Doodle Jump online

Who was created Doodle Jump? 

Lima Sky is the creator of Doodle Jump game online.  

When was Doodle Jump made? 

In April 2009, the game was initially made available as a mobile app; starting in January 2017, it will also be accessible online.  

What is the highest Doodle Jump score?

The current Doodle Jump world record is at 16,128,481. This week's top score is something in the range of 2.3 million. 

Great news for players who are afraid of getting bored! Doodle Jump presents many cool worlds that are highly entertaining, such as the Underwater, Frozen Ice, Jungle, Halloween, Easter, and Pirates, among others. Additionally, each world hides three Easter Eggs, challenging players to showcase their searching abilities.

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