A Small World Cup


The soccer game A Small World Cup is entertaining and captivating. Dragging the pointer around the game makes it simple for participants to demonstrate their talents. 

Gameplay of A Small World Cup

To score a goal, all your team has to do is slam a ragdoll against the ball. Kicking the ball into the net to score more goals than your opponent is the aim of the game. The game is well-known for its outrageous gameplay, funny animations, and ragdoll physics. To play as, players can select from a wide range of teams, each with special advantages and disadvantages. Gamers can also add unique logos and outfits to their teams.

Tips to play 

A Small World Cup is a wild game, you should feel free to physically assault your rivals. You can tackle them to the ground as well as push and shove them.

Take advantage of the physics of ragdolls. It can be challenging to manage your character precisely because of the ragdoll mechanics, but you can take advantage of them to score goals or prevent your opponent from scoring.


  • To move, press the WASD or arrow keys.
  • To kick the ball, press the X key or spacebar.

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