Penalty Kick Online


You may enjoy fantastic gameplay and 3D graphics with Penalty Kick Online, where you must compete against other top teams in a league of penalty shootouts. 

You have the choice of playing the game on your home computer or online. You can choose to represent any one of the 32 countries in the game as a player. Anything you want to choose is entirely up to you. Hold your breath before you shoot! Set as many objectives as you can. Ideally, you score more goals than the opposition does.  

Penalty Kick Online rules 

Firstly, when you are the player who is awarded the free kick. If you don't want to lose out on your great guild size, you must be cautious not to swipe too far.

After your first try, you can get a second chance if you solve a math problem properly. And don't worry, those questions are easy to answer. At the end of five games, the team with the most goals wins.


  • To move the ball toward the goal, click and swipe with your mouse.  
  • As the goalkeeper, move the cursor to deflect the opponent's shot.

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