Drift Rider


You'll learn the art of drifting in a variety of urban and highway environments as you go on this adventure in Drift Rider, each one created to test your driving prowess and accuracy.

In the exciting world of 3D drifting that is Drift Rider, you can gain points by making deft moves and driving strategically in order to unlock a wide variety of automobiles. Make your own car into the ideal drifting machine by customizing it first. Adjust your vehicle's body, color, suspension, and engine. In one of the most captivating drifting experiences out there, get ready to put your driving skills to the test and drift your way to the top! 


  • Use the Arrow or WASD keys to move the car around. 
  • Press the Space bar to stop. 
  • Use the R key to restart.
  • Press the P key to make the screen bigger. 
  • If you want to change the view, press the C key.

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