Drift Boss


A thrilling game of car drifting, Drift Boss will challenge your abilities and stimulate your senses. Prepare to show off your drifting skills as you make your way through difficult tracks and drift like a boss.

Your goal is to drift through difficult courses while gathering cash and dodging hazards. You will take control of a formidable vehicle. Each course requires you to drive your automobile expertly through, using drifts to get around tight turns and pick up money along the way. Your score increases as you accumulate more coins. 

Drift Boss's simple controls and minimalist appearance are two of its distinctive qualities. This game gives an authentic challenge to your drifting abilities with its realistic automobile dynamics and difficult tracks. To get through tight situations and get high points, perfect the art of drifting left and right at the precise moment.  

How To Play

Tips for high score

Anticipate tight locations on the course to polish your drifts and skids. Keeping your composure and accuracy will net you extra points. In order to raise your score multiplier and gain even greater points, try to string together successive drifts.


  • On Desktop: Use Mouse click to change direction 
  • On Mobile: Tap to change direction