Moto X3M

Moto X3M is a well-known set of online motorcycle racing games. In this game, players must use a horse to get through difficult obstacle courses.

The objective is to race your motorcycle over stages that require you to avoid or jump over enormous, moving obstacles. To cut down on your final time and receive a perfect score, you can flip in the air. Recognize when to give up, crash, and restart. Aim to finish each level as quickly as you can.

Tips to play Moto X3M

Master the Controls: Depending on the version you're playing, use the arrow keys or on-screen controls to practice braking, accelerating, and balancing your motorcycle.

Awareness of Obstacles: Observe the terrain and obstacles at each stage. To overcome some hurdles, you might need to use specialized methods.

Gather Stars: There are frequent stars strewn all throughout the levels. While gathering them isn't necessarily required to finish the task, it can increase the sense of difficulty and success.


  • Press the W or Up Arrow key: To speed up.
  • Press the S or Down Arrow key: To break.
  • Use the A and D keys, or the Left and Right Arrow keys: To move your bike. 

There are numerous Moto X3M models with different levels and themes. Investigate several iterations to relish novel obstacles and settings.