Snow Rider 3D


In the first-person video game Snow Rider 3D, you must ride a snow sled down a steep hill and avoid any hazards in your path. Navigate the wintry woodland, avoid hazards, gather holiday presents, and cover as much ground as you can! 

Would you like to feel what it's like to ski nonstop in a thrilling snow-covered mountain range? You'll overcome every type of terrain to achieve an incredible triumph. This game will put your accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and quickness to the test. The game is in 3D, so even though you aren't actually riding a sled, you will get the impression that you are.  You can purchase a new sleight at the store once you've managed to receive enough gifts. Now go ahead and begin playing! Aim for a high score by pushing yourself as far as you can!


  • Use the Up arrow key or W: To jump
  • Use the left arrow key or A: To steer