Penalty Shooters 3

Welcome to Penalty Shooters 3, the third installment of the Penalty Shooters game.

In order to win these penalty shootouts and become the top goal scorer, you will have to compete against the computer. After overcoming a number of obstacles, you can access the World Cup mode. Let's put your timing skills to the test with a single click—it's simple to learn but challenging to perfect. Can you prevail in this game of penalty shootouts? 

Game modes

  • In Tier mode: You play tough matches in six distinct leagues when on Tier mode. You must pay an admission fee to compete, and the amount rises with each unlocked tier. You'll get trophies and gold coins if you win a match. But if you lose, you'll forfeit the admission fee and a portion of your awards.
  • In World Cup mode: Play five rounds in World Cup mode, adjust your shots, and watch out that the ball doesn't land in your box during the World Cup final. Gold coins will also be awarded to you following each victory in this round. But you won't lose anything and you won't need to use any entry money in this mode.


Click left to start playing. 

Football fun is guaranteed for countless hours with Penalty Shooters 3, regardless of your level of experience with games.