Geometry Dash World


In Geometry Dash World, guide your cube through the level to the finish by avoiding the spikes and other lethal obstacles.

The player's primary goal is to steer an avatar through various obstacles in a two-dimensional environment. But getting to higher levels will involve a lot of acrobatic stunts. Exert your clicker finger to navigate over spiky barriers and dark caverns by jumping, flying, and flipping. Explore the regions, take on online challenges, and unearth the mysteries of the World of Geometry Dash! 


  • Action platforming based on rhythm! 
  • Practice mode will help you get better!
  • Get new icons and colors to make your character look the way you want!  
  • Do something almost hard to test yourself! 
  • Experience levels made by the Geometry Dash community online! 

How To Play

Along the journey, the tasks will inevitably get harder. To control the cube, either use the spacebar or your mouse.