Santa Run


You play as Santa Claus in the game Santa Run, and your goal is to distribute gifts. Run through the streets in the brilliant city lights, dodging hazards and earning points. 


  • A joyful Christmas theme for an endless running game
  • Easy-to-use controls for fluid gameplay
  • Power-ups for extra points and advantages in-game
  • Raising the difficulty level to create a demanding gaming experience
  • Beautiful visual design of the metropolis that goes well with the joyous atmosphere

How to play

To increase your score, avoid any obstacles in your way and collect as many power-ups as you can. The challenge of the game increases, so keep your skills up! As you accrue more points, Santa is getting closer to completing his gift-giving mission.


To move, press, and hold WASD.

Tips and Tricks

Prepare for issues and quickly decide what to do. Not only will collecting bonus things raise your score, but they will also temporarily protect you from harm or speed you up. It's important to remember that the game speeds up over time, so keep working on your skills to keep up!