ROBOTIC Sports: Tennis


Create your own robot and compete in ROBOTIC Sports: Tennis. Use the built-in character customization tool to create your own character. There are four modes available: Tournament, Challenge, Practice, and 2 Player mode. 

  •  You'll have to play three rounds in the Tournament against opponents that get harder and harder! There is just one set match in each round, which you must win. 
  • You'll play a match using your own rules in Practice mode! Choose between playing on clay, grass, or hardcore to match your opponent's skill level. 
  • There are three games available in Challenge mode: Wall Bounce, Balloon Pop, and Hit the Target. All three are entertaining to play.
  • Last but not least is the enjoyable 2 Player Mode, where you may play with a friend. 


  • Using J and K as leverage, hit the ball. To charge the shot and launch a more potent strike, hold the key.
  • As you charge your shot, move to alter its path. 

As you play the game, accumulate a lot of points that might land you on the leaderboard or unlock every accomplishment in the game. Grab your racket and start playing!