Cricket Legends


Prepare for an exciting game of cricket with Cricket Legends! Compete in tournaments, face progressively difficult opponents, and become a cricket master! 

Because this game is all about reflexes, flex your muscles, get your fingerbones ready, and follow the tutorial steps. The lesson provides a slowed-down cricket experience while demonstrating how to receive the ball. You can confidently step onto the field because you'll be playing as one of cricket's all-time greats. Try your hand at cricket by controlling the ball while the wind blows against you and hitting it hard to score as many points as possible. 


  • Controls are simple, but the levels are difficult. 
  • Purchase various varieties of balls to boost your chances of winning! 
  • Character design that is amusing
  • Follow the finest strategies and play with the greatest players! 

How To Play

You can play either a short match or a career league in this game. Be patient and wait for the right moment to produce spectacular shots. Players can be upgraded to boost efficiency and conquer harder challenges. Use your unique skills to help you succeed with every shot.