Magic Cat Academy


Magic Cat Academy is a great game to try if you're in love with fantasy things like ghosts or magic. Don't forget to check out the 2nd version of this game: Magic Cat Academy 2.

Momo is the main character in this game, and your job is to assist her in swimming over the water and fighting with ghosts. Momo has been separated from a ghost who won the first round of the Magic Cat Academy, and it was able to capture many sea species. Your ultimate mission is to protect your companions and save as much as you can.

How To Play

Use the mouse or swipe the screen to play Magic Cat Academy. Momo must use her power to defeat the spirits in order to conquer all five stages of the spirit conquest.

Use your magic wand to cast spells quickly. You can also use the shield to deflect one attack and move in a circle to shield yourself from harm, while the spiral move can chase away aggressive animals. These are all new moves in this installment.