Magic Cat Academy 2


Have you tried the latest entry in the Magic Cat Academy series: Magic Cat Academy 2? No? Then try it now and play around in the wonderful world of magic.

The objective of Magic Cat Academy 2 is to protect your comrades and do your best to save them all. Momo is the main character in the game, and her mission is to swim around while fighting numerous ghosts. She must use her power to destroy the spirits if she wants to complete the five stages of the spirit conquest.

Tips for Magic Cat Academy 2

Here are some tips for winning:

  • Use your magic wand to cast spells.
  • Circular motion will help you avoid harm.
  • The spiral motion will help you chase away aggressive animals.
  • Utilize the shields to deflect one attack.

How To Play

Use the mouse or swipe the screen to play Magic Cat Academy 2.