Doodle Champion Island Games


Doodle Champion Island Games is a sports role-playing game. Your mission is to guide a cat named Lucky as it explores an island with seven different locations.

These places symbolize various Japanese sites and geographical features such as mountains and bamboo forests. In each location, there will be an island champion who specializes in a different sport. By defeating all seven champions and obtaining their scrolls, players become the 'Island Champion'.

Additionally, you can choose to join one of the four teams, each symbolized by a different color and creature from Japanese mythology. To earn points, participate in mini-games. Your points will be tallied on a global leaderboard, and the team with the highest points will emerge as the winner by the end of the Olympics.


How To Play

To play Doodle Champion Island Games, you only need to use your mouse and arrow keys to control the character.

What are you waiting for, start the game now and be the champion!