Cricket Fielder Challenge Game


In addition to being a skill-based game, the Cricket Fielder Challenge Game is a great way to decompress and let off steam.

Take a seat, unwind, and lose yourself in the world of cricket while admiring the exquisite visuals and fluid gameplay. Choose your preferred national team, like as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, or Australia, and begin assuming the catching job. In this game, you play as a slipper, and your job is to attempt and outshine the batsman on the other team by catching the ball after he hits it.  

How To Play

Catching the ball will result in the batter being dismissed, which will greatly help your team win. As the ball lands in your hands, move it to grab it and earn as many points as you can before missing three balls. 


Use a mouse or finger to move the hands.

Enjoy this free online Cricket Fielder Challenge Game and good luck!