Fruit Ninja

In the action game Fruit Ninja, you use your finger to 'cut' tossed fruits including pineapples, pears, apples, mangoes, and strawberries. Ready to demonstrate your swordsmanship?

You can get a combination bonus by cutting three or more fruits in succession with a swipe, and occasionally you can get a "critical" bonus by randomly cutting a fruit, which awards you 10 points rather than one. In this wacky online game, cut and dice the fruit while dodging the explosions. Try to score as high as you can in this incredibly addictive game.  

Game modes

  • Classic -  The beloved and well-known gameplay! You have three lives; use them wisely!  
  • Arcade - Pure mayhem in the arcade. Make your way through the chaos by slicing, then score crazy combos!  
  • Zen - A more "calm" experience to sharpen your abilities. Perfectionism is attained via practice.  
  • NEW ‘Survival’:  As waves of fruit are thrown at your face, test your reflexes! Never flinch.

Fruit Ninja Gameplay 

To shine as a Fruit Ninja online, follow these steps:

  • Fruit flies in all directions and lands on your screen.
  • To slice the fruit, simply swipe your mouse or finger over it.
  • Slice many pieces of fruit at once to create interesting combinations.
  • Be careful! Bombs occasionally appear among the fruit. It's game over if you hit those!
  • Before time runs out, amass as many points as you can.
  • Every time, set a new personal record for yourself.

How To Play

To slice the fruits, dredge the left mouse button.