Apex Football Battle

Take part in football matches at Apex Football Battle right now! 

This game offers a genuine football experience that is engaging and distinctive, regardless of your level of interest in the sport. The first and most important step is choosing the team you will play for. Then your squad and the enemy team will appear on a football field in front of you. When the referee signals, the match will start. 

You have to manage your players and pass passes amongst them in order to beat the opponent. As you approach closer, you'll reach the target. It is your aim to score a goal and earn a point against the opposition. The player with the highest score wins the Apex Football Battle


  • Use WASD/ARROWS for movement
  • Use space to shoot 
  • Use K to cross the ball 
  • Use N to pass
  • Use M for a through pass
  • Use J to change the player 
  • Use H to press on the opponents

The side with the most goals at the conclusion of the game is deemed the winner, just like in actual football. Hope you can succeed and become the best in online soccer games!