Arcade BasketBall


Arcade BasketBall is a basketball game to those exhilarating moments of adrenaline and precision, inspired by vintage arcade games. In this game, you'll grab your preferred basketball and attempt to score as many points as you can. There will be a variety of angles and distances used for each free throw.

Features of Arcade BasketBall

  • 3-dimensional first-person basketball game.
  • A special fusion of timing and skill-based mechanics.
  • elegant visuals that perfectly convey the thrill and fun of basketball.
  • Determine the distance by using your pointer's position.

How To Play

You only need your fingers and a clear mind to play this game. Use simple drag-and-release controls on your device's screen to get the ball into the basket. Your throw will have more power if you drag for longer. You have to make as many shots as you can before time runs out, so use every second wisely!

Tips and Tricks

Since you have to beat the clock, both speed and accuracy are very important. Hasty shots could miss their target, which would waste time. Try to get into a steady flow with your throws. Swiping in time with the clock could help you keep up and get better at hitting the target.

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