Azad Cricket


In Azad Cricket, to win the cricket championship, which is centered around a single player, you must score the most boundaries possible. 

Welcome to the Cricket game Azad Cricket

You will serve your hits in Azad Cricket in order to score points during your allotted time to hit the ball. You have no way of knowing where the ball will land when it is thrown at you by the bowler. Prior to the match, you can select both your own and your opponent's nation. Now enter the stadium and attempt to win the match in order to crown your nation as the victor!


  • A fully immersive 2D gaming environment that mimics playing cricket in real life.
  • Pick one of seventeen national teams to demonstrate your cricketing prowess.
  • A thrilling gameplay feature when crossing all obstacles is necessary to win the World Cup.
  • Play against two tough opponents of your choosing.
  • A rich gaming experience is provided via a control mechanism that is simple yet captivating.

How To Play

Naturally, you will play as the batter, the more well-liked and most game-friendly squad. First, select the team you want to represent. Next, select the team you want to play against.


To control the player's motions, use the mouse. attempting to hit the ball and hitting it more toward the bottom half of the court rather than the left, as you lose if you hit the ball into the air too frequently.