Baseball Bash


You can play Baseball Bash, a simple online batting game, right now. To score points, take the baton and hit the ball as accurately as you can. 

Gameplay of Baseball Bash

In this entertaining sports game, try to hit as many baseballs as you can into the park. As the pitcher tosses in the ball, observe him and prepare yourself for a pitch. Await the ideal moment to swing your bat and make contact with the ball. To take a shot, tap the marker once it turns green. To make contact with the balls, you must swing your bat at precisely the proper moment while paying great attention. After three strikes, you're gone! 


To play this game, tap or click.

This game is harder than it first appears, and you may miss a few shots at the beginning. If you have a lot of trouble, just keep trying to improve. Additional characters can be unlocked as you advance in the game and accumulate points. To reach the top of the scoreboard, strive to improve your score on each try.