Baseball Kid Pitcher Cup

In the Baseball Kid Pitcher Cup, you take on the role of the leader of the Black Panthers club and a kid pitcher. 

Are you a baseball fanatic? Do you always attend games? Do you intend to engage in this game as soon as you have the opportunity? Then you should play this game! Play difficult games against 20 other baseball teams. Assist your team in winning the game. To help your team win, you must toss perfect pitches. Will you be able to defeat the rival teams?

A circle with numbers will be there when the game first begins. You must click on the circle at the bottom of the screen to duplicate the numbers in order to make a hit. But you must act quickly! You have a timer on the left side of the screen. Before your time runs out, take action to avoid missing the opportunity. If you are unable to match the numbers on the circle, you will also fail. You can view the scoreboard directly above the opposing catcher. 


Drag your mouse over the numbers at the bottom of the screen to play this game. You must tap each number as many times as your catcher instructs you to.

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