The basketball game known as BasketBros is played from a side-scrolling perspective, and it pits you against some tough competitors.

In order to emerge victorious from this frenetic game of basketball, you'll need to dive into the air and slam into everything you can find. The sport of basketball is used to compete against difficult opponents in this side-scrolling video game. In BasketBros, there will be two teams, each consisting of two players.

The objective is to score a goal against your opponent by putting the ball in their net. Depending on what you feel most comfortable doing, you can either take a shot, dribble the ball around, or pass it to a teammate. The winner of the game is the first team to reach ten points. Playing on a team is another successful tactic that may be utilized in BasketBros.

Tips for BasketBros

  • If a question appears to be too difficult, skip it and continue.
  • To identify the disguised player, pay attention to the player's demeanor. The opposite sex should act differently than your teammate.
  • Keep a look out for the player disguised. The player in disguise is always on the other side of the court from where they started.


  • You can use the arrow keys or WASD to move your baller.
  • Jump by pressing the up arrow, then jump again to shoot.
  • Enter if you need to defend yourself otherwise, space will attack.

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