Blob Opera

To all of you who love music, especially opera, Blob Opera is the best game that will help you create your own unique opera!

By playing this game, you will have the chance to create a wonderful opera with extremely realistic sound in the most fun way. Christian Joel, Frederick Tong, Joanna Gamble, and Olivia Doutney are four opera singers who collectively recorded 16 hours of singing. The machine-learning model's understanding of the sound of an operatic voice through studying their recordings, so you won't directly hear their voices in Blob Opera.


How To Play

Playing Blob Opera is easy. Your mission is to control super funny and colorful blobs to create an opera. The game provides initial instructions on the screen, and you just need to follow them.

In order to reach certain pitches in the music, drag the mouse so the blobs can stretch as much as possible. Everything depends on your creativity, so control the blobs according to your musical taste. To make the sound clearer and louder, stretch the blobs.