Blue Mushroom Cat Run


In Blue Mushroom Cat Run, players take on the role of a cute Mushroom Cat chasing a gold thief. Thieves carrying a lot of gold are fleeing on the streets. Navigate the subway tracks by swiping left or right to dodge oncoming trains, swipe up to jump over obstacles, and swipe down to roll under barriers. The primary objective is to collect coins and power-ups while avoiding collisions with trains and other obstacles.

Key features

  • Endless Runner Gameplay: The game features an endless level design, meaning the player continues running until they make a mistake or get caught by the pursuing inspector and his dog.
  • Power-Ups and Boosts: Various power-ups and boosts can be collected during gameplay, including hoverboards to ride, jetpacks for a short burst of flight, and magnets to attract coins.
  • Challenges and Missions: The game includes daily and weekly challenges, as well as special missions, providing players with objectives and rewards to keep them engaged.


Use the arrow key to move. 

Pay attention to the patterns of obstacles and trains. Blue Mushroom Cat Run often follows specific patterns, and learning them can help you anticipate and avoid obstacles more effectively.