Bottle Jump 3D

Bottle Jump 3D is a basic but difficult one-button game. To reach the last platform, flip the bottle and make it hop from object to object.

Make your water bottle flip through all of the obstacles in a room to become a master of the flip! Try to finish each level by flipping your water bottle to the conclusion. You can either do a single flip or a double flip to get to the next platform. Because certain platforms move, utilize your best plan to complete each challenge. The more levels you complete, the better your prizes!


  • Enjoy basic yet fascinating gaming! You'll find it difficult to resist flipping bottles!
  • Get some stress alleviation. Play one of the best soothing games to unwind.
  • Play with the level decorations! To finish the objectives, use the items around you.
  • Unlock a plethora of interesting skins! Gather all of the bottles!


The controls for the jumping game are quite basic. Watch the bottle flip by tapping the screen. Tap the screen twice to get a higher jump and spin the bottle in the air! Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Are you exhausted after a long day? Flipping bottles in Bottle Jump 3D is an easy and relaxing way to wind down and take some time for yourself.