Crazy Kick!

Crazy Kick! is a football simulation in which you control the ball rather than the players! Pass your opponents, move quickly, and shoot goals!  

Forget classic soccer games in which you control 11 football players or manage a soccer team. It's simple here; you have control of the ball and can do crazy things to score! The competition is fierce, and the best eleven football players are ready to kick you! But you're not going to allow them: to dribble, tackle, mock them, and score that goal!

The game will keep you captivated not just because of the soccer part, but also because of the incorporation of certain aspects found in most stickman games. Every shoot you do seems like a tremendous strike drawn with a strong line of dedication. The stickman feature adds a dimension of raw pleasure to the game, making it visually beautiful as well as amusingly difficult to play.

How To Play

Align the ball's route using your mouse. Zombies will come to obstruct your path to the goal. Take care!

Collect coins, evade the opposing team's players, dribble as only you can, and avoid all kinds of obstacles if you want to reach the opponent's goal. Unlock new masks for your characters with the money you earn for your efforts and have fun like you've never had before!