Cricket Hero


In Cricket Hero, you'll face up against a variety of bowlers, each with unique skills and challenges.

Play the position of a cricket hitter in the video game Cricket Hero. Try to hit every ball that comes at you in this action-packed cricket-themed game. Avoid eggs and bombs as you try to hit as many balls as you can before you get three strikes. To climb the leaderboards and continue playing your game, collect coins at strategic points. Creating the longest streak possible will help you get more points and improve your score.

How To Play

To control your batsman, you can use your mouse to move the crosshair and select where to play your shot. After that, click and hold to choose the power, then release it to fire. You need to read the bowler's delivery and predict their moves in Cricket Hero to place your shots correctly.

As the game goes on, you'll come across faster bowlers and more tough opponents, so you'll need to improve your timing and shot choices. Cricket Hero offers an immersive cricket experience with beautiful graphics, realistic sound effects, and challenging gameplay that will pique your interest for many hours.