Cricket World Cup


Cricket World Cup is a cool and entertaining cricket game, and it's available for you to play right now! Select a national team and compete in the World Cup to achieve the goal of being the best team in the world.

How To Play

Your objective in this game of cricket is to strike the ball in order to prevent losing your three wickets, as doing so would result in you losing the match. In order to come out on top, you need to bring your total score up to the target within a predetermined number of balls.  Take a swing at the ball, but you must be careful not to miss it! As you work toward achieving the required number of points to advance to the next round of the competition, each point you score counts toward the total. 

To achieve the goal of becoming the global champion, you will need to compete in three distinct game styles and win each of your matches. Gain the best reputation possible and experience what it's like to be the hero of the match at the same time.