Doodle Drop

Another amazing doodle game that you may play in an arcade is Doodle Drop

To progress through the stages, use a doodle kitten. You may get points by catching apples, but you'll also come across Rubix cubes, different upgrades, and power-ups that can really come in handy. Use powerups to slow down and freeze surfaces. Your score will increase based on how many drops you can make. As much as possible, avoid falling off or running into the spikes. Keep your Doodle happy by being an expert at descending platforms!  


How To Play

  • You can use your touchscreen or mouse to manipulate the doodle character.
  • Click or tap on the screen to change the doodle character's direction and make him fall to the following platform.
  • Avoid striking any barriers while falling.
  • Collect stars to increase your score and get points.
  • As you descend as far as you can, aim to get a greater score with each attempt.