Doodle God Good Old Times

Another variant of the engrossing Doodle game is Doodle God Good Old Times. You'll apply reasoning to solve the challenging riddles! Will you persevere in trying to solve each puzzle or will you give up?

Your objective is to rise from the ranks of a lowly peasant to that of a powerful knight or a virtuous lord. Assemble various components to produce new materials that will enable life on Earth to develop from the Stone Age to the contemporary era. Start from scratch and aid in world advancement through the Middle Ages.  

Control the ability to create a medieval country complete with knights, warriors, farmers, and castles. Yes, this special puzzle allows you to combine and match dozens of different pieces! On your land, begin with just one farmer, and work your hardest from there. Make this ancient world your own! Good luck! 

How To Play

To play this game you can use your mouse.