Doodle Jerry Lawson

Doodle Jerry Lawson is a Google game that recognizes one of the world's greatest game inventors.

Gerald Jerry Lawson, one of contemporary gaming's founding fathers, led the team that created the first home video gaming system with interchangeable game cartridges. To commemorate the 82nd birthday of the principal inventor who produced video game cartridges, Google has designed a unique doodle. 

How To Play

  • How to play
  • Select "PLAY."
  • Under the green blocks is a slab.
  • These blocks are broken by a blue ball moving diagonally up and down.
  • When the ball drops after the blocks have broken, move the slab to hit it.
  • To move the slab, press the arrow keys.
  • Move the slab around until all of the blocks are destroyed by the ball.
  • If the ball doesn't touch the slab, you lose.
  • You must smash every obstacle in order to succeed.