Eggy Car

In Eggy Car, you must drive a car while holding an egg and keeping the balance so that the egg does not fall. Will you accept this challenge because the journey is usually rough? 

The Eggy Car game tests how well you can drive an Easter egg home without breaking it while collecting rewards along the way. Because of a great bonus that lets you freeze the egg in the car, you can speed up without any problems. When the egg starts blinking, though, be careful. If you don't get your car back under control, it could quickly thaw, crash, and crack open. Have fun getting the Easter egg to your family and friends without breaking it. This could be the most fun thing to do over the holidays.


How To Play

To speed up or slow down, press the right and left arrow keys on your computer.

It will be more enjoyable if you work hard since you can use the money you make to purchase new vehicles to drive that have even cooler looks than the ones you already have.