Extreme Baseball


Hit as many opponents as you can in the fewest throws in Extreme Baseball. This sports-themed puzzle shooter game is sure to please puzzle shooter fans.

Grab your bat and eliminate as many opponents as you can in the shortest amount of time. You'll also need to aim at the baseball cards that are dispersed over the field when you accomplish this. Your final score will rise if you collect it. After every stage in Extreme Baseball, you will receive stars based on how quickly and accurately you completed the task. To earn three stars, use the fewest balls to hit every opponent and baseball card. 

Features of Extreme Baseball

  • Instructions for mastering the game's fundamentals.
  • Engage with a variety of objects, including buttons, explosives, wooden boxes, glass, moving platforms, and more.
  • platforms that move and increase in complexity.
  • Fans of baseball cards will enjoy this game.
  • Cards that are collectible and raise scores.


To aim, move your mouse. To swing your bat, click.