Are you seeking a challenging word puzzle game that can satisfy your craving for a brain teaser? Look no further than Feudle, a more difficult version of Wordle designed for true word puzzle enthusiasts.

How To Play

Instead of guessing a single word as usual, your mission is to complete the description in the Google search bar, which serves as your clue. You will have 10 tries and use the keyboard to type in your answers. Four words will be shown at the same time, and once you have typed five letters, press Enter. Continue to fill out the board with words. Once you guess all the words on the board, you can move on to the next one, and the board will be locked. Pay attention to the color hints as they help you evaluate your progress:

  • Green tiles indicate that you have chosen the right letter and placed it in the correct order.
  • Yellow tiles mean you have chosen the right letter but placed it in the wrong position.
  • Gray tiles mean the letters do not appear in the word.