Getting Over It


In the arcade climbing game Getting Over It online, you carefully wield a hammer to ascend a mountain. See how far you can go before going insane by using physics to your advantage! 

Instead of playing as a man in a pot who is navigating a painful and odd world, this iteration of the game has you playing as a cat inside of a plant pot and climbing a variety of colored blocks and giant fruits. It's a lot like the first game in that it can be really difficult and even cruel at times. The objective of this Getting Over It free PC remains the same, despite the fact that this particular iteration has an entirely unique concept.

How To Play

The only additional step is moving the hammer with the mouse. With practice, you can jump, swing, climb, and soar. At the top of the mountain, climbers who make it to the top will find a lot of wonder and a nice reward. 

Tips for Getting Over It

  • Take your time; moving too quickly could send you hurtling back to the beginning.
  • Carefully leverage yourself over difficult sections by using the hammer.
  • Maintain composure and try again.