Head Sport Basketball


One of the best basketball games available online, Head Sport Basketball has characters with a somewhat large head. 

Have you ever imagined yourself playing hoops alongside giant replicas of some of the best players in NBA history? Head Sport Basketball is where sports and fun come together! Select your favorite player and attempt to score as many points as you can. Boosters can help you perform better and take home the trophy! You can take on the challenge in this head-to-head basketball game by choosing from a range of characters, settings, challenges, and other features. 

How To Play

You need to be able to manage your character to move, leap, kick the ball, and score. It's a challenging game, so give it your all to win. 


  • Use Left/Right arrow keys: Move your player left and right.
  • Use Up arrow key: Jump.
  • Use Spacebar: Shoot the ball.