Hockey Shootout


Hockey Shootout is a very entertaining and addictive sports game in which you play the vital position of the striker attempting to fool the observant goaltender. 

Play a challenging Hockey game with Hockey Shootout

The goal of Hockey Shootout is to outsmart the on-guard goalie, and you play the crucial role of striker. To celebrate your success, skillfully and forcefully strike the puck and get past the uncompromising goalie. On the ice field, there is no puck! Play this awesome sports game by selecting your team. 


  • Exhilarating sporting events that hold participants' attention.
  • A combination of strength and precision through intricate yet simple mechanics.
  • Accurate hockey experiences are shaped by realistic physics.
  • Gradual challenge with ever-more-nimble goalies.

How To Play

In order to score some points, shoot the puck past the goalkeeper. To make the puck fly past the goaltender and into the net, use your best slap shot at the proper angle. Get as many goals as you can in the allotted ninety seconds. After the timer goes off, the leaderboard will display your high score.

Tips for Hockey Shootout

It takes significant preparation to score in a hockey shootout. Before you position your shot, consider the goalkeeper's position. Don't forget that accuracy counts just as much as strength, so aim for the corners where he can't get to. Succeeding can be achieved with a combination of powerful corner kicks and sneaky soft strokes. 


If you want to adjust the direction or force of your shot, click or press the screen.