Mini Crossword


Just like in other standard free online crossword puzzles, use the clues in Mini Crossword to fill in the words across and down.

A little version of a standard crossword problem, the Mini Crossword is excellent for a brief mental respite. During the day, the daily tiny crossword puzzle is the ideal size for a quick break. Because they can usually be completed more quickly, it's also a wonderful puzzle for children or beginners. It's the same gameplay and rules but with a more condensed layout. Check your speed at solving each clue as you fill in every box to finish the Mini Crossword

How To Play

  • Complete the blanks on the screen to reveal the answers to the hints.
  • To see the clues, either tap the squares or use the left and right arrows.
  • The 'List' buttons provide a list of clues.
  • The 'check' button indicates whether you are correct.