Mini Monkey Mart

You get to start a little market for a group of hungry monkeys in this Mini Monkey Mart. You are a cute little monkey who works in his small business selling eggs and bananas. Get bananas as soon as possible to sell to all of your clients and feed the hens so they can lay eggs.

How to play Mini Monkey Mart

As the primates' preferred food, growing bananas is crucial to begin with. When the bananas are ready to be sold, gather them and set them out on the counter. Gather the eggs from the chickens you've been feeding with bananas when the customers begin to arrive and set those on the counter as well. 

You can start selling more food goods like milk, bread, wheat, canned food, and banana puree using the money you've saved up. As you operate your mini-market for monkeys, get ready for an entertaining shopping experience!


To move, press the arrow keys or WASD.