Nifty Hoopers Basketball


The shooting simulator that Nifty Hoopers Basketball is using is unique and authentic. Select from 16 distinct nations and engage in combat with your rivals.

You'll find yourself in a fast-paced, furious basketball game in Nifty Hoopers Basketball that will put your timing and accuracy to the test. Take charge of a skilled basketball squad that wants to win the World Cup. With your accurate shots, tear up the nets and lead your team to the World Basketball Championship. Make perfect three-pointers with your exceptional pitching abilities, or employ deceptive moves to trick your opponent's blocking.

How to play Nifty Hoopers Basketball

Select a country from the 16 available and demonstrate your potential to become a champion. You must score enough points before the timer goes out to win. To make an accurate shot, click anywhere in the green zone when the pointer is there.